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Formulas for an adapted fairy tale

T h e  A m b i a n c  E l v e s   Static formula

Stage animation with traditional and urban Christmas paintings for the general public

duration set 1h00

1 troupe of 10 dancers in succession

from 50 to 500 spectators


T h e  A m b i a n c  E l v e s   Ambulatory formula

Interactive animation in safe wandering, short stop show to avoid crowds with traditional and urban Christmas pictures for the general public

duration 1 hour indoors or outdoors

1 troupe of 10 to 20 dancers

no limit of spectators

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T h e  A m b i a n c  E l v e s   Premium formula

Spectacular animation mixing mini floats, dancers, mobiles, mascots

duration 2h indoors or outdoors

1 troupe - 10 to 40 dancers and 1 to 2 self-propelled mini carnival floats

option Dj, decorations, communication and discovery village, stilt walkers, mascots

no limit of spectators

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